Safety and security at St. John’s

The past week’s sunshine has made it feel like summer here in Belgium! And the sunshine and great weather has brought people out to school walking, pushing prams, and riding bikes. This is great, except that the challenges of walking or pushing a pram or biking around St. John’s can be a real challenge. We need your help to remedy this situation. CARS – Please remember that parking, or sitting your car to wait for a student, outside the school on the sidewalk and bike path of Dreve Richelle is not permitted. I have been out at the front of … Continue reading Safety and security at St. John’s

The governance of the school

As the new chairperson of the Governance committee of the Advisory Board and a Board member of the ASBL Board, it is important to me to make it as clear as possible to the St. John’s community what the governance structure of the school is and the responsibilities of the ASBL Board, the Advisory Board, the Director and the Administration of St. John’s International School. In addition, all of the St. John’s community should understand the pertinent policies and the way the budget is created-the factors and the influences that all work together to make this such a successful school. … Continue reading The governance of the school

Foundress Day and Guiding Statements

Foundress Day – September 21 As we celebrate “Foundress Day” on September 21st, we explore our historical roots and focus on their contemporary affirmation as expressed in our Guiding Statements. St. John’s International School has a longstanding relationship with the FCJ (Faithful Companions of Jesus) congregation. Not only was our school founded by the FCJ Sisters but our Heads of School were traditionally Sisters till just 10 years ago. Even though we no longer have the privilege of having Sisters on campus, their legacy remains with us till this very day and we are privileged to have our Sisters active … Continue reading Foundress Day and Guiding Statements

Launching the Hub, our new parent portal

We are delighted to inform you of the launch of our new parent portal, the Hub. The Hub (available at is a password-protected, web-based portal that provides your family with information specific to your children. This is one initiative that will further improve the communication between the school and parents and provides an efficient and easy-to-use tool  to keep up to date. After putting in your credentials, you will see a screen with your children’s names and links to relevant information such as the academic schedule for each child in Middle and High School (a technical issue is preventing us from … Continue reading Launching the Hub, our new parent portal

Advisory Board: All will be revealed on September 8th at 19:00

Was the first day of school really only last week? Feels like ages ago already. Also feels like a very good start for St John’s. I attended a presentation of the new staff in the theater: a new high school principal, 16 new teachers and supporting staff, representing 7 different nationalities. The quality and energy they bring to the school is impressive.   Green and White day last Saturday kicked off the sports season with players, parents and coaches. Again, the enthusiasm was palpable on the soccer field, along the cross country run and in the arena. The volleyball team … Continue reading Advisory Board: All will be revealed on September 8th at 19:00