Book club for French native St. John’s parents

C’est avec grand plaisir que nous vous proposons, au sein de l’école, une toute nouvelle tournante de livres placée sous le signe de la passion et du dynamisme. Pas d’exclusive : romans, biographies, livres historiques, essais peuvent tous figurer dans la liste que vous nous aiderez à établir en suggérant un ouvrage lors de votre inscription. Ouvrage que nous nous chargerons d’acquérir. Notre comité est composé, à ce jour, de cinq membres – Mesdames de Halleux, Standaert,  Athas, Vinçotte et  De Cock. Nous nous adapterons, cela va de soi, à la demande tant au niveau du nombre d’adhérents que des … Continue reading Book club for French native St. John’s parents

Life-long learning

Confucius is credited with once saying: Learning without reflection is a waste, reflection without learning is dangerous. This very succinctly sums up why schools, earnest in seeking to improve, choose to participate in self-studies and accrediting projects. It is only in taking the time to look within that we can move forward to becoming better. Self-studies offer schools and educators an opportunity to face the truth or ‘brutal facts’ of the current situation and find a way to make positive changes. During the school year, 2011 – 2012, Saint John’s Elementary School is participating in not one, but two self-studies … Continue reading Life-long learning

Evolution of the Hub

About a month ago, we launched our password-protected parent portal, The Hub. Based on the recent parent survey comments, we developed a visual that shows the evolution of The Hub. In phase 1, you will see all current online communications tools. In each of the following phases, you will see how these tools get rolled into the Hub. All tools will continue to exist, but will now be accessible from one central place, The Hub, in order to increase convenience and accessibility of all information for current parents. Continue reading Evolution of the Hub

How can Parents Support Children in their Adolescent Years?

Our next High School Coffee Morning will take place on Thursday November 10th at 9.00 in the Cafeteria. We will cover the topic of, ‘How can Parents Support Children in their Adolescent Years?’  The session is for any parent who would like some handy tips on how to support and nurture their children through the very demanding years of High School. Grade 9/10 Counsellor Robert Fronk and Dean of Students Daniel Johnston will cover topics such as, ‘School Work/Leisure Time Balance’ and ‘Setting Firm but Fair Expectations’ We sincerely hope that you can join us. A theme for the year … Continue reading How can Parents Support Children in their Adolescent Years?

The Language of the Internet

Google celebrated its 13th birthday this year. That means that all of our children at St. John’s below 7th grade were born in the Google age and our 12th graders were only four or five when Google was ‘born’ and cannot remember life without Google. The World Wide Web has been with us for a miniscule amount of time in relation to the development of the human race. The industrial revolution lasted for approximately one hundred years and had an amazing impact on the socioeconomic and cultural conditions of the time. Today the internet revolution or knowledge revolution has lasted … Continue reading The Language of the Internet

Student Leadership

Over the past few weeks since the beginning of school we, in High School, have been building structures for student representation and providing opportunities for student leadership. Dr. Wendell Hausdorff and Dr. Jesus Castillo-Coronado have been hard at work preparing a range of projects ranging from School Council to Global Conservation Alliance work. In many schools, however, lip service is paid to this very important aspect of school life. The history of student leadership is a very interesting one. John Dewey wrote about it in 1916 in ‘Democracy in Education’ and yet student representation, leadership and contribution to decision making … Continue reading Student Leadership

Childhood road safety statistics

Following up last week’s blog post, please find below some statistics on childhood road safety from the World Health Organization (WHO): • For children 0 to 14 years, pedestrian and bicycling deaths and injuries contribute as a major factor risk factor, whereas youth 15 to 19 years have greater use of motorized vehicles and therefore greater risks to deaths and injuries from these causes. • Children are particularly vulnerable until the age of 9–10 years, owing to their weak capacity to concentrate attention on traffic. They are considered to be especially vulnerable when motorized traffic is heavy or fast, visibility … Continue reading Childhood road safety statistics