Little Peacemakers

Most everyone talks about having peace in the world. From philosophers to politicians to rock stars and religious folks, a longing for peace is expressed in a variety of ways and through a variety of mediums. It is a daunting subject for adults resulting into discussions and even arguments over the role of politics, the cause and results of warfare, the rights and wrongs of countries and more.  But for young children, the topic is limited in scope.  It involves every day conflicts with their peers in the school yard, the classroom, and the cafeteria – all part of the … Continue reading Little Peacemakers

Learning life lessons through sports

by Robert Fronk, grade 9 and 10 counselor As I reflect back many years ago regarding my participation in sports, I can’t help but think about the support and encouragement I received. From my parents to my coaches and others as well. Additionally, I think about the thousands of hours I put into sports. This ranged from summer camps attended at a young age, to summer leagues and camps during the high school years. The days and nights of shooting baskets in the rain all by myself, all in the hopes of obtaining my dream. I appreciate the phrases, “the … Continue reading Learning life lessons through sports