St. John’s hosts AMIS, PYP, and ISST’s with great success!

Dear parents,

Last week, more than 200 highly capable high school musicians from around the globe graced St. John’s with their energy and enthusiasm for music.  The Association for Music in International Schools (AMIS) has been coordinating fantastic music opportunities for more than 20 years, and this was the 4th time St. John’s has hosted and event, this time the AMIS Mixed Choir and Senior Orchestra festival.  Guest conductors David Lawrence and Jonathan Mann worked amazingly well with the students to prepare them for the concert on Saturday night last week.  It was indeed a pleasure to host this wonderful event at St. John’s to promote the love and appreciation for music in our schools. 

St. John’s also hosted a Primary Years Programme (PYP) re-authorization visit last week.  This team of three educators from other schools in Europe were here to “audit” the program as delivered by St. John’s.  After months of preparation and self-study, it was no surprise to hear the visitors were more than impressed with what they saw at St. John’s.  As one of the first PYP schools in Europe, St. John’s sets examples for other schools in many areas of instruction, Units of Inquiry delivery, and PYP program development.  Teachers from St. John’s have developed materials published in support of the PYP, presented at numerous PYP conferences, and have hosted workshops here at our Timber Tops facility.  But what the visitors were most impressed with was that the children at St. John’s truly live the attributes of the IB Learner Profile…living testimony to the teaching and support of the program and its values.  What St. John’s has been able to do with its curriculum, instruction, and student learning to deliver on the ethos of the PYP is highly commendable.  A complete report on the visit and decision on re-authorization will follow, but I am confident that St. John’s will pass the test with flying colors.

This week, St. John’s hosts the International Schools Sports Tournament (ISSTs) Girls Division 1 Basketball tournament Thursday through Saturday.  Twelve teams, 120 athletes, from around the European region will be competing in a great event meant to development sportsmanship, self-confidence, team-work and camaraderie among all participants.  Come and support the Lady Lions and enjoy some great basketball at St. John’s this weekend!

Blessings to all – Tom Hawkins, Director