Students raise 3,800 Euro for Refugee Center

The 11th grade advisory program has sponsored a CAS activity over the last few years that involves students raising money and visiting the Red Cross Refugee Center in Alsemberg. A large group from last year’s 11th grade took part in this activity led by Kick Leibbrandt and Aurelia Sauerbrei,  who are now 12th grade High School students. They raised money through various activities during the year and planned a special visit to the Refugee Center and organizing a football match and various cooking and art activities with the residents culminating in a musical concert. This friendship and expression of solidarity … Continue reading Students raise 3,800 Euro for Refugee Center

Thank you to the Middle and High School library volunteers!

On September 26, the MHS Library hosted a meeting for new and returning MHS Library Volunteers, to review the accomplishments of the Volunteer Program from last year, and to look forward to large projects and long-term goal-setting for this year.  The MHS Library Volunteer Program is a vital part of the Library’s operation and planning process, and the volunteers provide foundational support for the Library.  This includes working to make sure day-to-day operations are functioning smoothly, helping to set a welcoming tone in the Library for everyone at St. John’s, as well as being involved in planning for the future … Continue reading Thank you to the Middle and High School library volunteers!

St. John’s introduces Mandarin Chinese course in High School

St. John’s is proud to announce the introduction of a course in Mandarin Chinese in the High School, starting as an extra-curricular option this fall. So far, 18 students have signed up for the introductory course of six weeks. A 12 weeks course is planned to start in January while a course within the High School curriculum for next fall is being considered. As High School principal Mrs. Debbie Brook puts it “China is the world’s fastest growing and one of its most vibrant economies. Language learning in school was historically influenced by a country’s economic partnerships.  Many international schools, … Continue reading St. John’s introduces Mandarin Chinese course in High School

St. John’s granted CIS re-accreditation

St. John’s recently received the news from the Council of International Schools (CIS) that it decided to grant the school its 10 year re-accreditation, based on the self study and team visit conducted in the spring. Many parents, students, faculty and staff were involved in the accreditation process and we would like to thank them for their commitment and time which resulted in the re-accreditation. Continue reading St. John’s granted CIS re-accreditation

Fourth grader raises 2,700 Euro for Autism Europe by organizing talent show

My mom always said, “Big things come in small packages!”   This was never truer than last week, when petite Ari Gibson, grade four student, raised almost 2,700 Euros for Autism Europe! During the summer, Ari and her family discussed her soon to be birthday party. Ari realized that she has been a fortunate little girl, receiving so many wonderful things in her life but that it was time to give back.  Thus the idea to give back to someone else was germinated.   And it grew and grew, with a little help from family, friends and Saint John’s community. Ari’s idea … Continue reading Fourth grader raises 2,700 Euro for Autism Europe by organizing talent show

Founders Day celebration

Today, we celebrated Founders Day, the day the Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ) foundress Marie-Madeleine D’Houet was born in 1781. Marie-Madeleine d’Houët was born in 1781 and grew up in central France in the aftermath of the French Revolution. In 1804 she married Joseph de Bonnault d’Houët and together they would visit the sick. But Joseph died less than a year later and three months after his death Marie-Madeleine gave birth to their son, Eugene. The young widowed mother still found time to continue her visits to the sick. She was aware of a growing desire to dedicate her whole life to God and … Continue reading Founders Day celebration

10th graders help develop sign language course in High School

St. John’s recently started a sign language course in 10th grade within the new Language and Culture section of the High School curriculum. According to High School principal Debbie Brook, “This year, for the first time in High School, we developed a ‘Language and Cultures’ course. This program of study offers students the opportunity to examine language and culture through a range of activities aimed at preparing them for IB Diploma Language and Literature work and for Advanced Placement language courses.” Mrs. Brook continues: “Students will gain an understanding of the communication process in language and how culture is shaped by … Continue reading 10th graders help develop sign language course in High School

St. John’s recording artists!

This past Tuesday after-school, 10 St. John’s students performed a song called “Forever Young” for a French Film called “Les Gamins” which will be coming out later this year. The students performed so well and behaved so well in the studio that they were asked to come and record more songs for the soundtrack. Since these students could not miss school to record, the record company sent a few of their music specialists to the ICP studios in Brussels to record our students. These students will be giving up weekends to record the next few songs and I know they … Continue reading St. John’s recording artists!

The St. John’s art gallery

The St. John’s International School Art Gallery, has an important role to play in raising awareness of the visual arts and encouraging cultural diplomacy between the international and local Belgian communities both in its extensive programme of exhibitions and workshops by visiting artists and its many students shows in elementary, middle and high school. The art department at St Johns International School is excited to be part of this year’s ‘Parcours d’ Artistes’ organised by the Commune of Waterloo. Over 140 artists based in Waterloo will open their studios over the weekend of the 29th and 30th September 2012 … Continue reading The St. John’s art gallery