The St. John’s gala is only two days away!

The sold-out event with a carnival theme will feature a delicious dinner, a live and silent auction with amazing items and Brazilian dancers. The live auction gives the 186 attendees the opportunity to bid on 5 nights at the Sheraton La Caleta in Tenerife, including flights. A wine tasting evening for 20 is also on the list, as is the most exciting item: 6 nights in the exclusive and eco-friendly Inkaterra hotels in 3 different locations! The proceeds from the 2013 Carnival Gala Evening will go toward the funding of several initiatives at St. John’s to add value for students and parents … Continue reading The St. John’s gala is only two days away!

Our guiding statements and their significance

At St. John’s, we are proud of our guiding statements and what they stand for. But what do they mean, to students, teachers, alumni, parents and families looking for a school? Our vision: St. John’s students live our values to impact the world.  Education at St. John’s is not merely a transmission of information or an assimilation of textbook knowledge, but strives to create an existential reality, i.e. the experience of becoming truly human, ready to make a difference to the community and beyond. Our mission: St. John’s International School provides an English-language education based on Christian values, demands personal excellence and stimulates individual responsibility … Continue reading Our guiding statements and their significance

Would you like for your child to become an expat?

St. John’s International School conducted a poll among expat parents and asked “Would you like for your child to become an expat?” The majority of respondents, 66.1%, responded “yes”, 11.3% said “no” and 22.6% said they are not sure if they would like that for their children. For the respondents who prefer not to have their children become expats, it was mostly due to distance and the fact they would not see their children (and potentially grandchildren) very often. “I would miss them too much” was a recurring comment. Those who were not sure had different reasons, including the desire for … Continue reading Would you like for your child to become an expat?

Strange English words and why they are spelled that way

Take a look at the stories behind these English words: Island – “Island” came from the Old English íglund, and was spelled illond, ylonde, or ilande until someone picked up the ‘s’ from Latin insula and stuck it where it had never been meant to be. Most of the words that got Latinized did have some distant connection, through French, with the ancient Latin words that dictated their new spellings. However, sometimes a Latin-inspired letter got stuck into a word that hadn’t even come through Latin. Receipt – When the word came into English from French it had no ‘p’, and no one … Continue reading Strange English words and why they are spelled that way

8th grade students explore strengths of St. John’s

Eight grade students were asked to make a presentation about what they perceive as the strengths of St. John’s. They used the animoto website and came up with some great slideshows, please see some examples below: about teamwork, shows how St. John’s values friendship and is about being international. It seems the students enjoyed the project and learned some new skills in the process. Well done, 8th graders! Continue reading 8th grade students explore strengths of St. John’s

Atomium chosen as Europe’s most bizarre building

Global news network CNN has selected the Atomium in Brussels as Europe’s most bizarre building. The story states “As one of the only remaining symbols of the 1958 Brussels World Fair, this extraordinary structure, conceptualized by late engineer André Waterkeyn, represents an iron crystal magnified 165 billion times. It features nine spheres interconnected by 20 tubes. While three spheres contain either permanent or temporary exhibitions from around the world, it’s the highest, at 92 meters (300 feet), that offers a spectacular panoramic view of the city. Capturing visitors’ imaginations with its progressive vision of the future, Atomium receives an average … Continue reading Atomium chosen as Europe’s most bizarre building

Grade 2 students paint with artist Eric Saline

Last Thursday, our second graders worked with American artist Eric Saline during art class. They had fun painting a gigantic African patchwork with their fingers. The painting relates to their current Unit of Inquiry on habitats in Kenya (“What a Life”). Eric Saline talked about the meaning of painting directly with our fingers or feet and emphasized the uniqueness of our finger prints. The students will be visiting his exhibition at the St. John’s Art Gallery this week. By Marianne Behaeghel – ES art teacher Continue reading Grade 2 students paint with artist Eric Saline

Eight graders experience mindfulness

The Big Ideas Week in 8th grade ended with a special day centered around self-discovery and well-being. Students attended different workshops based on well-being and Kara Smith was our guest speaker for the day. Kara is a teacher of mindfulness, she works at the American School of the Hague and did different mindful activities with the students. What is mindfulness? Probably the most common definition of mindfulness is that “mindfulness means paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally.” (Jon Kabat-Zinn) What are the benefits of mindfulness? —  Less stress and anxiety —  Greater focus … Continue reading Eight graders experience mindfulness

St. John’s visiting artist show opens tomorrow

St. John’s is pleased to host visiting artist Eric Saline in an exhibition called ‘LOTS’ opening tomorrow, Friday January 18 from 18:00-20:00, and then weekdays from 8.30-16:00 in the gallery in the art studios. Eric is currently teaching at the international School of Gothenburg in Sweden and is chair of the visual arts committee for the European Ccountil of International Schools. His many travels have connected him in cultural exchanges across the globe from America to Scandinavia in Europe and North Africa. He has recently been a visiting professor at l’Institut National des Beaux Arts, Tétouan, Morocco, on a Fulbright Fellowship and … Continue reading St. John’s visiting artist show opens tomorrow

Top 3 benefits of growing up an expat child

St. John’s conducted a poll among 131 people who grow up as expat children and asked them for the main benefits. Respondents were asked to pick their three choices out of the following options:  experience different cultures,  appreciate diversity,  travel,  character development, international awareness, lifestyle, learning languages, living adventurous or international education. The top three choices picked by respondents were: 1. Experience different cultures (61.1%) – one of the best features of living abroad is integrating in a new culture, to gain a real understanding of a new country and its unique qualities which is not something you can do … Continue reading Top 3 benefits of growing up an expat child

St. John’s hosting Relay for Life again on June 15-16

After last year’s very successful first edition of the Relay for Life at St. John’s, we will be hosting the second edition of this 24-hour relay event the weekend of June 15-16. All proceeds go directly to cancer research and awareness in Belgium. We hope to have even more teams involved than last year and need your support to make it a success, so please get your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors together and form a team. Registration of teams is done through the Relay for Life website at: We hope you get involved!     Continue reading St. John’s hosting Relay for Life again on June 15-16

Appreciation lunch held for welcome committee volunteers

Today, St. John’s held an appreciation lunch for the many volunteers who are part of the Welcome Committee. This committee is comprised of existing parents helping new parents and teachers make connections and get integrated into the St John’s, local and Belgian communities.  With more than 50 members from diverse international backgrounds who speak a multitude of different languages, the group endeavors to match every new family with a member who shares something meaningful in common. The lunch was also attended by several members of the Board of Directors and the administration, who came to show their appreciation for the … Continue reading Appreciation lunch held for welcome committee volunteers

Big Ideas week in Middle School

From January 14-18, Middle School students  will experience a new Big Ideas week. Grade 8 students will take a Journey of Discovery and will be offered various workshops led by experts. Some of the topics our students will have the opportunity to learn about: Creative Writing on Heroes and Villains, Books and films, Discovery Science, Zen cooking, Magical Maths and many more. On Wednesday, we will go and visit the exhibitions and workshops of the Science Museum in Brussels. Friday will be a “Well-Being Day” with different activities. Grade 7 will be looking at food. Students will be offered four … Continue reading Big Ideas week in Middle School

Third graders make flashlights with plastic bottles

Third graders worked on an exciting science project today: with a little help from an expert instructor and using a plastic bottle, they made their own flashlights! The instructor helped each of the third grade classes step by step and the kids enjoyed this new experience. Third grade has been working on a unit about science and electricity. They already visited the Middle and High School science labs to see science experiments and this workshop followed those lessons perfectly. Well done, young scientists! Continue reading Third graders make flashlights with plastic bottles

Expat children become expats themselves as adults, poll shows

A recent poll conducted by St. John’s among adults who grew up as expat children shows that the large majority of them actually become expats themselves. Despite the transient nature of expat life and the associated difficulties for children, the poll shows that 46.2% of respondents have themselves become an expat, that 11.5% of expat children married an expat, while 38.5% are looking to become an expat in the future. As one expat put it: “The life of an expat kid is the life I would like to provide to my future children. I loved the lifestyle, learning about different … Continue reading Expat children become expats themselves as adults, poll shows

Sixth grade exchanges ideas with students from local school

On December 20, the beginners and intermediate French classes in 6th grade started an exchange program with a school in Maransart.  We were welcomed by about 30 students and had a wonderful afternoon playing board games and tasting a delicious cougnou.  We look forward welcoming them to St. John’s soon ! This is what the students had to say about the afternoon: “I was amazed how hard some of the children from the school Maransart tried to speak to us in English” “I really enjoyed the trip. We got to play with Belgian kids that were really nice and friendly.  … Continue reading Sixth grade exchanges ideas with students from local school

St. John’s athletics year in review

2012 was a year to remember for the St. John’s Athletic Department. Here are some of the more memorable moments: February 14 – On Valentine’s Day and Senior Night, the high school basketball teams hosted ISB.  In the Varsity Boys game, a three-point play with 16 seconds to go breaks the tie and STJ wins a hard-fought game. ( February 21-26 – The high school basketball teams traveled to Israel and played games against the American school in Israel as well as local club teams. March 7-10 (Winter ISST Championships) – The St. John’s swim team broke several school records … Continue reading St. John’s athletics year in review