Grade 5 students get ready for Middle School!

Organized by Mr. Silcock, Grade 5 students visited Middle School with their Grade 6 friends recently.  The Sixth Graders shared one part of their study of Biodiversity:  The Kingdoms of Life. Sixth Graders demonstrated how to prepare slides of pond water and view them using a compound light microscope.  The 5th Graders were amazed to see microscopic protists swimming through the field of vision! Continue reading Grade 5 students get ready for Middle School!

Elementary School Staff Student Soccer Match

On Tuesday 28th May the last period of the day was reserved for a much publicized soccer match between Elementary School staff and students. Donations collected at the door were for the Giraffe Project. The enthusiastic supporters filled the bleachers in the Sports Arena chanting supportive slogans for both teams. The excitement was high when Coach Marc whistled for the game to begin. The staff team were the first to score and the noise the supporters made was fit to raise the roof of the arena! A second staff goal gave wings to the staff team whose star players Coach … Continue reading Elementary School Staff Student Soccer Match

Grade 9 runs the 20k of Brussels!

This past Sunday, 40 grade 9 students participated in the 20 kilometers of Brussels, as the culminating project for their Health class. Already in February, students set a goal for themselves to jog/run 5, 10, or 20 kilometers during this big event. In Health class students trained weekly and also reflected on their progress in their training plan. Early morning on Sunday, students, parents, and teachers came into Brussels by train and Metro and then set off to run their portion of the race at different points on the course. Students can be proud of their dedication and hard work. … Continue reading Grade 9 runs the 20k of Brussels!

Grade 2 publishing party

On May 23rd, we held our final Publishing Party of the year and it was by far our most energetic celebration! The students have been working on all sorts of writing throughout the year during our Writer’s Workshop time. Once a student has written a piece, s/he decides if it is something that they would like to publish. Publishing means editing, revising, and recopying the work so that it can be shared with the public. During the year, we had two other Publishing Parties in our classroom which were attended by members of our St. John’s faculty and administration. For … Continue reading Grade 2 publishing party

The history of Belgian chocolate

The history of Belgian chocolate began 2,000 years ago in the rain forests of South America where the cacao tree was first discovered. Native South Americans found that the pods of the cacao tree contained seeds with a new and unusual taste. Spanish explorers returned from South America with cacao seeds and popularized the new drink in the royal court. Soon, imported cacao became a trade, new recipes were invented and shared, and within 100 years, chocolate spread throughout Europe. During the 17th century, Belgium was ruled by Spain and thereby introduced to chocolate. Many royalty, artists and others of nobility … Continue reading The history of Belgian chocolate

Join us for Family Day this Sunday!

  Family Day is only a couple of days away. Regardless of the weather, it will be a great afternoon for the whole family. We are hoping for dry weather but are prepared for rain with additional activities planned in the gym so please do come out on Sunday and enjoy our biggest community event of the year. In order to prepare for Sunday, please see below all activities on offer.We hope to see you there! Continue reading Join us for Family Day this Sunday!

Knowing your Belgian beers

In Belgium, beer is more than just a frothy beverage – it is a culture. With over 450 different varieties, many Belgian beers have personalized beer glasses in which only that beer may be served. The shape of each glass enhances the flavor of the beer for which it is designed. This tradition may seem like behavior reserved for wine snobbery, but Belgians take their beer seriously – and with good reason. The country has enjoyed an unparalleled reputation for specialty beers since the Middle Ages. Connoisseurs favor Belgian beers for their variety, real flavor and character. There are almost … Continue reading Knowing your Belgian beers

St. John’s 7th grade student wins Belgian Math Olympiad!

Congratulations to Min-Gi in 7th grade who won first prize at the Olympiade Mathématique Belge 2013! An amazing achievement, even more since he was one of very few 7th graders who participated in this prestigious math event. The Olympiade Mathématique Belge is a math competition which aims at promoting “Out of the Box” mathematical thinking through gradually challenging questions. Starting with 10th graders, this competition also selects students who will follow a rigorous two year preparation with university teachers towards taking part in the International Math Olympiad. At the level of 7th and 8th grade, students are encouraged to express themselves in an … Continue reading St. John’s 7th grade student wins Belgian Math Olympiad!

Grade 10 World War 2 history trip to Bastogne

On Thursday 16th May, the 10th Grade History classes visited Bastogne, the site of the German’s last major counter-attack of the Second World War in December 1944. We visited a museum in the centre of Bastogne which examines how it was to live in Bastogne during the winter of 1944/45. We then went to the German cemetery in Racogne, the wet weather did not dampen the students spirits. Near to the German cemetery is the village of Foy – you may recall the Band of Brother’s episode when they charge the village of Foy – we walked to the woods … Continue reading Grade 10 World War 2 history trip to Bastogne

Kindermusic at St. John’s: For a Child’s Brain, Body, Heart & Soul

Toddlers and parents are singing, dancing, playing and having great fun together during “Kindermusic” classes. Mette Österberg, a licensed Kindermusic Instructor and Early Childhood Development specialist, now offers these classes on Tuesday mornings from 9.30-10.30am in Saint John’s Dance Studio. Kindermusic ( is the world’s leading provider of music and movement programs for young children. It has been developed 30 years ago and is now taught to 1.5 million families in over 70 countries. Kindermusic classes for toddlers, babies, big kids and families include fun, age-appropriate music and movement activities. The songs and activities help children develop social, emotional, physical, … Continue reading Kindermusic at St. John’s: For a Child’s Brain, Body, Heart & Soul

The fascination with Belgian “frites”

Freedom fries, chips, or frites – whichever name you prefer to use – they’re Belgian! And Belgians take this responsibility very seriously. Made with Belgian Bintje potatoes, cooked twice and served in a paper cone with a side of mayonnaise, these Belgian treats embody potato perfection. A favorite place to sample our fries are at frietkots or fritures, which are outdoor vendors who sell Belgian fries. There are more than 4000 frietkots throughout Belgium and many carry a selection of over 50 dipping sauces to choose from. Belgian Fries are part of Belgian culinary and cultural heritage. Even if they are sometimes refereed to as French Fries, … Continue reading The fascination with Belgian “frites”

AMIS European MS Honor Choir Girls festival comes to town!

  We have the pleasure of hosting the AMIS European MS Honor Choir Girls festival this week! 118 girls from around the world will arrive today, be housed by St. John’s families and spend three days together before their big concert on Saturday at 19:00. The concert will be live streamed through our brand new projector and is available via this link: Thank you to all those involved in making this a great experience for the girls, in particular Cathy Swanson, Caroline Tailor and Paula Moore! A warm welcome to all the girls!     Continue reading AMIS European MS Honor Choir Girls festival comes to town!

Fourth grade learns important traffic lessons

Every year, the Waterloo police comes to school to talk to our fourth graders about traffic safety. A very important topic and the children learned many useful lessons in French: Les comportements à adopter sur une rue/chaussée  Si la distance qui me sépare du passage pour piétons est moindre ou égale à une distance de 3 bus, j’utilise le passage piéton. Si la distance qui me sépare du passage pour piétons est supérieure à une distance de 3 bus, je peux traverser la chaussée. Avant de traverser, je regarde une fois à gauche, à droite et encore à gauche. Les … Continue reading Fourth grade learns important traffic lessons

Cedar style Harlem Shake

One morning one of the students came into the classroom and started dancing, telling her classmates all about a song she listened in her car with her sisters. Coach Simon came to pick them up for gym from Cedar class and thought that the little girl was dancing to the ‘’Harlem Shake’’ song. We all listened to the original ‘’Harlem Shake’’ song on You Tube. The children were so enthusiastic and started dancing while listening to the song. We all decided that when we would have a sunny day, we could do our own ‘’Harlem Shake’’ to celebrate the fact … Continue reading Cedar style Harlem Shake

Third graders ask you to please conserve water!

We are the 3rd grade students in Ms. Corcoran’s class, and we’ve been studying a Unit of Inquiry called H2O. We have learned the importance of conserving water and not wasting it. We would like to persuade the St. John’s community to conserve water and use it wisely. Water is a finite resource, and we need your help because all living things need water to survive. Here is a list of easy, simple water saving ideas: Fill the dishwasher with dishes before you run it at the end of the day. Use a spray nozzle on the hose when washing … Continue reading Third graders ask you to please conserve water!

Fifth grade is ready for their PYP exhibition!

It is a big day in the lives of our fifth graders today: it is the day before the PYP exhibition which has taken months to prepare for! Their written report is ready and they are putting the final touches on their exhibition stands. Topics range from brain reactions to musical pens to addictions to investments, and more! The exhibition synthesizes the essential elements of the PYP program and sharing them with the whole school community. It is an opportunity for students to exhibit the attributes of the student profile that have been developing throughout their engagement with the program. All parents … Continue reading Fifth grade is ready for their PYP exhibition!

The Green Bridge initiative

  Getting one’s hands dirty in the garden is an easy and effective way to help maintain both physical and emotional well-being. Additionally, when done in a community setting, it helps promote a greater sense of purpose and belonging among participants.  Since gardening is highly therapeutic, we have transformed the St. John’s bridge into a productive and aesthetically pleasing container garden area. The Health and Wellness committee wants to encourage its staff members to bring in a window-box planter. The committee will provide soil and space. Staff members are then asked to plant and maintain Spring vegetables, flowers, and/or herbs. The committee hopes that … Continue reading The Green Bridge initiative

Elementary French students publish their first book!

It is a big day for the Elementary students in grades 2 through 5 who are in the native French classes: their first story book was just published and will be presented to them tonight at a fancy reception in the theater! The students worked very hard with their teachers and an external consultant to write the book and the result is a great book in French “Un voyage à  Waterloo” Congratulations to all students involved and their teachers for this great accomplishment! Continue reading Elementary French students publish their first book!