Timbertots officially opens its doors!

Today is a big day for St. John’s as Timbertots officially opens its doors! This new program for students who are at least 2.5 years old has its own little house and Mrs. Stott is the teacher for the new program. The main focus of Timbertots is on socialization skills through play, cooperation and interactive exchange and the introduction of language to children in a way that comes naturally at this age. We wish our youngest students and Mrs. Stott a great first day at Timbertots! Continue reading Timbertots officially opens its doors!

St. John’s teachers attend enlightening FCJ conference

“Zest for Life” was the theme for this year’s conference in Liverpool, England. For three days several FCJ schools from Ireland, Great Britain and Belgium met to discuss the history, ethos, vision statement and founding principles that are uniquely ours. Eight teachers representing St. John’s primary, middle and high schools attended this enlightening conference. Central to our discussions were six characteristics: justice, dignity, gentleness, companionship, excellence, and hope. Important questions were posed at the conference: What sets us apart? What do we aspire to be? We are an international school that welcomes all faiths. How do the vision statement and the … Continue reading St. John’s teachers attend enlightening FCJ conference

Engaging in Growth

The theme for the 2013-14 school year is “Engaging in Growth”. This theme illustrates our commitment to engaging students in intellectual, spiritual, emotional and social growth, but also articulates our desire to engage and grow our broader St. John’s community in support of the school and its mission. The tree refers to our deep roots and history with the Faithful Companions of Jesus (FCJ), who founded the school in 1964, and to our values. The roots anchor and support the tree and we need to nourish those roots for the tree to remain strong, healthy and to allow it to flourish. … Continue reading Engaging in Growth

New families enjoy their day of orientation

Today was an exciting day at St. John’s as we held our new family orientation. Hundreds of students and parents came into the PAC for breakfast, followed by presentations in the theater. The students were then taken to their respective school section by returning students, where they did their testing, had a tour of the campus and ate lunch with their new friends. We extend a warm St. John’s welcome to all our new families and wish them a great start to the school year! Continue reading New families enjoy their day of orientation

Teachers show commitment to life-long learning

More than 30 of our teachers have given up three days of vacation to attend our Professional Learning Academy this week. Session topics range from “Ethos development” to “Assessment Literacy”, “Video Production for Classroom Instruction” to “Non-Violent Communication”, “Developing Professional Learning Communities” to “Technology for Teacher Leaders” and much more. The sessions are presented by administrators, teachers and external speakers, including Sr. Claire/FCJ and Pat Young, head of school at Upton Hall in Liverpool – also an FCJ school. We thank our teachers for their dedication to the school and commitment to life-long learning! Continue reading Teachers show commitment to life-long learning

St. John’s graduates accepted at prestigious universities

Students of the class of 2013 have been accepted to excellent universities around the world. Here are just some of the institutions our graduates will be attending: Europe King’s College London University of Edinburgh University of Bath University of Cardiff Trinity College Dublin Maastricht University University of Reading University of Kent University of York University  of Warwick North America Cornell University Princeton University George Washington University Purdue University Auburn University University of British Columbia Northeastern University Syracuse University We congratulate our students and wish them well as they embark on this new phase in their lives and trust that the values instilled … Continue reading St. John’s graduates accepted at prestigious universities