Grade 7 learns the meaning of geometry words or concepts

In 7th grade math the students are looking for real world examples of various types of angles. The learning goal is to understand the meaning of 40 geometry words or concepts.  The students are finding every day examples of these mathematical terms and trying to see how and where they appear in life. We are trying to take away some of the abstract nature of the course and realize that transversals (a line that crosses at least two other lines), perpendicular bisectors (line or line segment perpendicular to it and passing through its midpoint) and corresponding angles (the angles in matching … Continue reading Grade 7 learns the meaning of geometry words or concepts

Helping a hearing impaired friend in 4th grade

In Ms. Montgomery’s class we are proud and thankful that we can help our Norwegian friend Gard with his hearing impairment. We are using audio technology (microphones and headsets) so he can hear us better. It also helps the rest of the class because when we are loud it will help us hear the speaker. This is helpful because only one microphone is allowed to be on at a time so the speaker will always be heard. Without the microphones we would be too noisy and it would hurt our friend’s ears. Our teachers use headsets because it would be too hard to hold a … Continue reading Helping a hearing impaired friend in 4th grade

Grade 1 tests apples for data gathering

We are now into the fall season and as part of the mathematics program in Grade 1, we did a special apple-tasting to gather data. The information we wanted to know was which color of apple did each person think tasted best. The children tasted, made a tally chart and then drew bar graph as they practiced their data handling skills. Each class’s graph looked different but we noticed a trend. Overall the children found that the yellow apples were the tastiest and the red apples were the least popular. What color of apple do you prefer? The grade 1 team Continue reading Grade 1 tests apples for data gathering

High School dance teaches students a large variety of styles

One of the objectives of the high school dance program is to expose the students to a variety of styles of dance, especially in this international context. To this end, St. John’s occasionally invites guest instructors to the school to teach a masterclass in a particular style. Last month, St. John’s hosted TLove Ruffjam, a professional dancer who has worked with artists like Michael Jackson and Britney Spears. He taught the students various elements of street dance.  St. John’s also invited Frankie d’Andrea, a professional dancer who has been in modern companies all over the world. She taught the students … Continue reading High School dance teaches students a large variety of styles

Language Clubs in the Elementary School

Thanks to the generous participation of several parents and language teachers, we were happy to see the introduction of several language clubs in the Elementary School this year. St. John’s Elementary School endorses and respects the languages of all our students and it has been the school’s commitment to try and provide as many language clubs as possible. Previously, language clubs were offered after school.  This year, however, as a trial, they are taking place on Wednesday afternoons from 2:45-3:30 p.m. when students in Grades 1-5 may choose whether they wish to attend one of the language clubs or the weekly … Continue reading Language Clubs in the Elementary School

Chess and sneaky puzzle solving in Mr. Mo’s Chess Club

What can you get if you rearrange the letters of STARS’ SCHEMES or of SMASH SECRETS? One possibility is CHESS MASTERS! The Chess Club is run by Mr. Mo in room EC6 on Fridays from 15.45-16.45, and is open to students in grades 3, 4, 5 and 6. Normally every child in the club has a partner to play chess with, but on the day of the photo some children were absent. Puzzle: What can you figure out about the number of children who were absent…? Answer: The total number of children present is normally an even number so that everyone has a partner. … Continue reading Chess and sneaky puzzle solving in Mr. Mo’s Chess Club

Staff wellness a priority at St. John’s

Just as St. John’s endeavors to nurture and support the whole student, the wellness of the St. John’s teachers and staff members is also a priority. Last year, St. John’s created a Wellness Committee to look after the health and happiness of the staff and faculty. Committee members include staff from health services, support services, each level of the school, and administration. Some programs developed last year included social gatherings, like a line-dancing class, health initiatives, like “Fruit Fridays”, and even garden projects, like the “Green Bridge”. One of the regular wellness programs offered for the staff is a weekly … Continue reading Staff wellness a priority at St. John’s

Mathletics as an extension of math class

Mathletics is an online program that the students use to reinforce concepts taught in class and encourages mental agility. As well as the core material, it contains support and extension questions. The Math department has seen a positive correlation between students grades and their use of Mathletics. Students are expected to get 1000 points a week which will earn them a bronze certificate. If students work on Mathletics consistently, they will gain a silver certificate after 5 weeks and after 20 weeks a gold certificate. Gold certificate students will be rewarded during assemblies and will be recognized publicly on the St. John’s website. This … Continue reading Mathletics as an extension of math class

High School students shine in AMIS International Honor Jazz Festival

High School students Philippa Innes and Emma Speck auditioned against students from across the world to be members of the 11 strong Honor Vocal Jazz Ensemble. After practicing the music at school, we traveled to Zurich for two and a half days of intensive rehearsals with the other students before the performance on Saturday October 5 with the Honor Jazz Band at Zurich International School. Philippa and Emma had the honor to be chosen to scat (an improvised solo) for the premier of a commissioned piece. Congratulations to Philippa and Emma! By Cathy Swanson, MS/HS Music teacher and Visual and … Continue reading High School students shine in AMIS International Honor Jazz Festival

Students meet and learn from visiting artist Audrey Atkinson

Our visiting artist program provides our art students with an opportunity to not only see an exhibition installed in our Greene Gallery, but to meet with a practicing artist. Audrey Atkinson uses “the language of the senses, the language of the body itself that is at once timeless and profound.” Students asked Audrey questions about her Bodies of Work exhibition; they wanted to know what inspires her and how her work has evolved. Audrey talked about her love for geometry as a child, her creative processes and her interest in the students’ personal responses towards her work. As you can … Continue reading Students meet and learn from visiting artist Audrey Atkinson

CUB Care provides parents convenience and peace of mind

Caring for little cubs is no easy task but it certainly is a joy! Started this school year, as a direct response to our parent community’s request for before and after school care, CUB Care has started to make a real difference in the lives of the children and parents in our school. CUB Care is a “garderie” service for the working parent(s) – a growing trend in the demographics of our school.  More and more families at St. John’s have two working parents and it is not easy to find before and after school care for students who must start … Continue reading CUB Care provides parents convenience and peace of mind

Grade 2 is having lots of fun in Music Class!

We are learning about “The Senses.” In Music, we are learning about what we can hear. We have done a Sound Walk around the school and you would not believe the things you can hear if you listen carefully enough! Art and Music have been working together, students made wonderful music shaker instruments in Art Class and now we are using them as our instruments for our songs on “Senses.” Students used rocks, sand or bottle caps for their instrument insides and we have divided into groups to play in groups and as an ensemble in music class. We love singing “The … Continue reading Grade 2 is having lots of fun in Music Class!

Eyes, hands and mind in High School art class

Grade 11 art students are looking with their eyes, hands and mind in order to investigate who and what they are. They are experimenting with different media, techniques and the visual elements and principles to explore how they perceive, communicate and express their visible appearance as well as the ideas they have about themselves.  Between now and December they are creating nine separate self-portraits. At least three of the ‘portraits’ are to be from direct observation the rest should show a creative and imaginative, novel or unusual approach to the idea of ‘self’. While these practical experiments are taking place, … Continue reading Eyes, hands and mind in High School art class

We thank PTP for the new basketball hoops!

Last year, the Parent Teacher Program (PTP) organized a very successful gala event at the Chateau du Lac. The tickets sold out in a week and the event was a roaring success. Part of the proceeds were used to purchase new basketball hoops for the main courtyard. Students from ES, MS and HS enjoy playing basketball during recess and the PTP felt this would be a donation that would be enjoyed by the whole school. On behalf of the students, we would like to thank the PTP for this wonderful donation and all the work they do for the school community!   Continue reading We thank PTP for the new basketball hoops!

Celebrating World Teachers’ Day

October 5 is World Teachers’ Day. At St. John’s, we celebrate it today with an event for our teachers, organized by the Parent Teacher Program (PTP). “A Call for Teachers” is this year’s slogan for UNESCO World Teachers’ Day. Celebrations will focus on UNESCO’s work on quality teachers for global citizenship and cultural diversity. Teachers develop learners’ abilities to build a sustainable future with citizens who are able to take action in their own communities and contribute to global challenges. “Teachers’ professional knowledge and skills are the most important factor for quality education. This World Teachers’ Day, we call for teachers … Continue reading Celebrating World Teachers’ Day

High School history students visit the battle fields of Flanders

Grade 11 IB History students along with Grade 10 US History students visited Ieper and its environs last week. The purpose of the trip was to allow the students to witness at first hand the battle fields of Flanders. There is only so much that can be learned in the classroom, for example, we visited the remnants of trenches at Hill 62 – this gave the students a feel of life in the trenches. We visited the museum in Ieper which contains many artefacts from the Ieper salient. The students also visited two cemeteries, one German and one British and … Continue reading High School history students visit the battle fields of Flanders

Building robots in Middle School

This school year, robotics is taught in 6th and 7th grade this year.  The main goal for the class is to take the knowledge students have and to teach them to be able to stretch their imagination and knowledge to go beyond their comfort zone with each project.  Each student works at their own level based on the knowledge coming into the class. We begin by learning the basic steps of learning to program the basic robot.  This is followed by using software to program the robots from their laptops to preform directed instructions and movements the students create based … Continue reading Building robots in Middle School

Pre-Kindergarten students roast potatoes from their own garden

The Pre-Kindergarten students have been taking great care of their vegetable garden, situated in the back of their playground. They learn how things grow and how to care for plants and vegetables. Last week, they enjoyed harvesting the potatoes from the garden and celebrated by roasting potatoes and sausages on a fire for lunch! Congratulations to the very creative teachers in Timbertops (Timbertots, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten) for making learning such a fun experience! Continue reading Pre-Kindergarten students roast potatoes from their own garden