Keeping our children safe online

In recognition of Internet Safety Week, St. John’s parents were invited to a presentation on Thursday, February 13th in the middle/high school library.  A representative from Child Focus spoke to us about how crucial parental involvement is when it comes to our children and the internet.  Their belief is that active guidance is needed from parents and educators to empower children and teens to make the right decisions regarding their online behavior. It’s important to build confidence in our children that the parent is the right person to come to when they come across issues/sites/chats that make them uncomfortable or … Continue reading Keeping our children safe online

The Valentine’s gala – a great night of fundraising with friends

Thank you all for joining us at the Valentine’s Gala in the Château du Lac on Saturday evening and we are delighted that funds raised on the evening including PTP school funds, 50th anniversary funds & CAS projects exceeded 33.000€. So thank you to everyone for their generosity and special thanks to all our sponsors and the outstanding efforts of the Gala Committee volunteers.. All funds raised will be used to enhance the school and divided equally between elementary, middle and high school. The projects will be decided upon by the PTP and the School Administration. Please send us any … Continue reading The Valentine’s gala – a great night of fundraising with friends

Safer Internet Day 2014: staying safe online

We were visited by volunteers from Belgacom and Microsoft for Safer Internet Day 2014 on February 13. They shared an intriguing PowerPoint that helped us understand more about internet safety. They were showing us videos about different situations people can get into by doing things on the Internet that they do not really know about. People usually do not know who is sponsoring a website they use. It could  be dangerous. No one really reads the Terms and Conditions, and that might cause some trouble. There are lots of ads where it says you can win a free toy, or a … Continue reading Safer Internet Day 2014: staying safe online

St. John’s parents treat teachers to delicious lunch

Today was yet another example of the great and engaged parent community at St. John’s. Parents brought in cooked and baked dishes for a lunch buffet to show their appreciation to the teachers who take such excellent care of their children. The diversity in nationalities and cultures represented at St. John’s ensure a large variety of foods, from Japanese to Bangladeshi to Mexican and so many other types of food were available for the teachers to enjoy. Thank you to Community Core Committee for organizing the event, in partnership with the three parents groups, and for all the parents who … Continue reading St. John’s parents treat teachers to delicious lunch

Grade 7 visits movie production studio

For the trip we went to the film studio called “nWave”. I think this is a pretty famous studio. Going to the film studio was fun and interesting. Once there, we watched a few movies of 20 minutes each. The movies were 3D, but I think it would have been even more fun if we watched it as 4D. We also heard how the movie was created and the steps of it. I was surprised that it takes 3 years to make only one movie starting from the script. After that I ate lunch together with my friends. Then we had … Continue reading Grade 7 visits movie production studio

Peace runners come to St. John’s!

Today, our 5th graders are hosting 18 “Peace Runners” at St. John’s. Peace Run is a global torch relay that promotes international friendship and understanding. Since its initiation in 1987, the torch has visited over 140 countries and has touched the lives of millions of people. Peace Run founder Sri Chinmoy has been recognized worldwide for numerous initiatives that unite people from different cultures and areas of life in order to work for a world fulfilment. Peace Run is organized by volunteers from different countries, inspired by the vision of Sri Chinmoy on a more peaceful world. Known between 2005 and 2013 … Continue reading Peace runners come to St. John’s!

Textures: a unique exhibiton of two resident artists’ work

 Upon having entered the “Textures” exhibition in the Greene Gallery this February, I knew that it was a highly unique vernissage. The paintings and drawings by Borislav Varadinov and the ceramics by Michelle Cornez-Mathot formed a strong relationship in the gallery space despite having been made independently. The two bodies of works interplayed well not only because of the subtle and subdued brownish hues, but also because of the organic themes present. The ceramics which collapsed in on themselves accurately reflected the natural concern for degradation as did the paintings made with impermanent materials like sand and cardboard. Both sets … Continue reading Textures: a unique exhibiton of two resident artists’ work

Grade 4 students to speak at global conference on human rights

At St. John’s, we provide leadership opportunities for all our students, from our youngest Timbertots students who are not yet 3 years old, all the way to our grade 12 students who will graduate in June. It is essential that students of all ages are given opportunities that provide practical experience, enable them to put theory into practice and help prepare them for their future. Some of our grade 4 students were presented with a great opportunity to share their knowledge and put acquired skills into practice. They were recently invited by the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas (FAWCO) … Continue reading Grade 4 students to speak at global conference on human rights

Shadows in the garden

The investigation on the Inquiry ‘Shadow and Light” continues.  With the wonderful sunny weather, the Pre-Kindergarten students have been discovering where there are shadows in the Timbertops garden.  What enjoyment they have had drawing the shadows they find with chalk and have had lots of fun drawing around each other’s shadows. We hope that this bright, sunny weather will continue.  There are so many other exciting activities planned! By the Pre-K teachers Continue reading Shadows in the garden

Fitting tribute to a former student

Each year, the St. John’s community comes together to remember Tom O’Donnell, a former student who passed away to cancer in 1998, by organizing an indoor soccer tournament in his honor. This year’s event will be held on Saturday, March 15. It brings students, parents, teachers and alumni together for a day of indoor soccer, to remember Tom, while raising money for two cancer charities. The first Tom O’Donnell indoor football tournament took place at St. John’s in 1998. While Tom was ill, it was brought to the attention of his family and friends that there were no hospital wards … Continue reading Fitting tribute to a former student

We welcome back Niclas Eriksson

We are delighted to welcome Niclas Eriksson back St. John’s, as the new admissions development manager. Niclas is a former students of our school, he spent 10 years at St. John’s, graduating in 1996. Niclas will develop and strengthen relationships with companies and organizations that employ expats, in order to improve awareness and business connections for the school. He also oversees the St. John’s admissions office and staff and works closely with the community relations office in the area of marketing. Niclas previously worked for Groupe Zannier, as Sales Manager EMEA Region, developing and promoting the Levi’s Kidswear brand. Prior … Continue reading We welcome back Niclas Eriksson

St. John’s organizes a math competition to remember

St. John’s was the proud host of the prestigious ISMTF senior math competition this past weekend. More than 180 of the best math students from 36 international schools in Europe and the Middle East and 50 coaches came to our school for 3 days to enjoy mathematics and compete for the best results. Congratulations to St. John’s students Patricia and Ryan, who won bronze and gold medals respectively in the technology challenge, to everyone who participated and to the winners of the individual and team competitions.  We heard many positive comments from participating coaches and students about the hospitality of the St. … Continue reading St. John’s organizes a math competition to remember