Bright Sparks!

DSC_6067.jpgOn Wednesday 3rd February, the Grade 3 students went to the Middle School science laboratory to experiment with electricity. We have already been learning a lot about electricity in our own class as part of our Unit of Inquiry.

We learned how to create static electricity with random objects! The teacher had two puppets and she let Alice and Lauren hold them. The puppets were named Arthur the parrot and Gaston the naughty bat. Alice held Arthur and Lauren held Gaston.

In the first experiment, we saw the teacher made a piece of paper follow a plastic rod. James tried with a glass rod and it did not work. The teacher actually tricked James because the glass rod was fake.

Another static electricity experiment was when the teacher had some aluminum plates and made them fly using a static electricity machine.

We alsIMG_0276.JPGo rubbed a balloons against hair and put it close to water and the water followed the balloon. The next experiment the teacher used a static electricity machine to make balls bounce up and down.

James learned that wet insulators can conduct electricity. We also created our own electricity using a magnet and some copper wire.

We had a great time and learned a lot!

By James and Alice, Grade 3 students