St. John’s hosts ISTA theater festival this weekend

ISTA_Logo_1-900x411St. John’s  is hosting the High School International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) festival this week. Almost 90 students from schools around Europe will be on our campus from Thursday to Sunday to develop their theater and acting skills, as well as to develop a work of art based upon a local theme: “The battlefield of Europe”. The starting point for students is “Over centuries this proud corner of Europe has been fought on and over as various leaders and generals have sought control of the continent. Yet from a scarred set of battlegrounds Belgium has endured and grown. How do the small become mighty and at what cost? This festival will look at what we can learn from Belgium’s war torn history and explore how we theatrically represent this small but significant nation’s experiences and triumphs.”.544

More than 30 St. John’s students will also participate in the event. The students from
other schools are housed by St. John’s families. It is an honor and a privilege for schools to be chosen to host the High School ISTA event, and we are ready to live up to all the expectations. The final performance on Sunday, February 21 at 11:30 in the theater is open to the public.