Come share your favorite music at “In the Groove”!

vinyl.jpgHere at St. John’s, the teachers have a passion for education and this translates into our extra-curricular life too. No more so than  ‘In the Groove’, St. John’s vinyl and cassette music appreciation group.

We are looking for parents to come and share their passion for their favorite music artist and play seven to eight songs to the students on  a Thursday lunchtime. For example, we have had our Head of School, Mr. Holliday-Bersegeay, come and share his passion for Bob Dylan. Ray played his best-loved Dylan tracks from the 1960’s, we hope to have him come back and do another ‘In the Groove’ featuring Dylan in the 1970’s.

Once a date is arranged, you will turn up with your vinyl or cassettes and share your passion for your music. You will play a song and there may be a little discussion after it, then you’ll introduce the next song – ‘this one reminds me of summer camp when we were chased by a bear’…and so on.

Please contact Mr. Macdonald if you would like to be a presenter. Any musical style is welcome – the more eclectic the better!