CAS Project Bulletin – Local Service Projects

Check out the many service opportunities for students to get involved in!


Create. Act. Serve

7 Ideas for NEW creativity, activity, service projects

We define local projects as beyond high school, or in the local community of Waterloo, or in Brussels

CAS Project Form

  • 1) Relay Recess

  • What: Education & visibility (video) for the ES awareness-raising event about cancer prevention.
  • Theme: Awareness-raising
  • When: 13 May 2016
  • Number of places: 4-5
  • Supervisors: Ruth Biddell ( and Cindy Menache (
  • Labels: Commitment, Global Engagement, Ethics, Planning

  • 2) Grain de Vie asbl

  • What: Setting up a collaboration with local asbl “Grain de vie” and piloting a social business out of bread delivery to the school
  • Theme: Social entrepreneurship
  • When: any time
  • Number of places: 3-4
  • Supervisor: Mr Ambrozy
  • Student leader: Camila De Santana (Gr11)
  • Labels: Commitment, Challenge, Perseverance, Global Engagement, Ethics, Planning, Strength & Growth

  • 3) Grade 8 Camp Leadership Training

  • What: Supervision and leadership during the Grade 8 trip, collaboration with professional educators
  • Theme: Residential leadership…

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