Science expert speaks to students about measurement of colors

507c2697dbd0cb3077003938._s.centercrop_w.265_h.116_Dr. Andrew Hanson is coming to lecture to St. John’s 10th and 11th graders on Thursday March 3rd at 10:40 on the topic of “Colour is Fun – the measurement of colour”.

His lecture, in English and about one hour long, will be a “backpack” version of that given on several occasions to the prestigious London International Youth Science Forum, where it was highly rated by the attending students, aged 17 and upwards. The Royal Society of Chemistry has invited Dr. Hanson to do this talk at St. John’s. He summarises his lecture as follows:
“Colour informs, influences consumer choices, warns us and comforts us. As with every aspect of life, it needs to be measured to ensure good communication and confidence in manufacturing processes for a diverse range of goods from pills to paints. But how do we ascribe numbers to a human perception which is incredibly versatile and variable? The challenge is enormous and human colour perception science is still a lively topic today. Be warned! This demonstration talk will contain surprises – there is a lot more to colour than meets the eye.”

Dr Hanson is a Senior Scientist and Outreach Manager at the National Physical Laboratory, Teddington, the UK’s National Measurement Institute. For 25 years he has been professionally measuring colour, from evaluating the appearance of ornamental plants, to building the world’s first national standards telespectroradiometer to calibrate the colour of visual display units, and a machine to measure the shininess of cats. He is a Chartered Physicist and is past Chairman of the Colour Group of Great Britain.

Please note that St. John’s parents are invited to attend this lecture in the PAC theater. 

See below a TEDx talk by Dr. Hanson on the topic of color: