Middle School Liturgy Assembly ritualizes goodbyes and celebrates end of school year

This morning, the Middle School community held its last liturgy assembly by acknowledging those who are moving on to other schools or countries next school year. They addressed some words of gratitude for their wonderful and unforgettable experiences at St. John’s. Those who are staying in school next school year addressed words of farewell as well as gratitude to those who are moving on. The theme of the liturgy assembly was Crossroads and Time. These two themes are central to two video clips shown in the assembly. The first one called “What the world needs now…” is a look back … Continue reading Middle School Liturgy Assembly ritualizes goodbyes and celebrates end of school year

Grade 5 student completes Red Cross food drive

For her PYP Exhibition project, 5th grade student Jyotika studied ‘healthy lifestyles’. After a very engaging Exhibition where she shared a lot of interesting information, she was asked to contribute to Relay Recess and work alongside nurse Caroline to talk about food choices with younger students. With help from her mentor, Mrs. Jo Taylor, Jyotika contacted the Red Cross which suggested ways of supporting people who are not always able eat healthy. Jyotika initiated a food drive. Her collection of non-perishable, healthy food was collected by the Red Cross this week. The Red Cross explained to Jyotika how they will distribute … Continue reading Grade 5 student completes Red Cross food drive

Grade 6 students become medieval characters

Grade 6 students are stepping back in time this week as they celebrate and share their learning of life and happenings in the Middle Ages in Europe. It will be an enjoyable week of color, costumes, events and activities, culminating in the grand banquet in the ‘Great Hall’. It started with a visit on Monday to St. Bavo’s Cathedral and Gravensteen Castle in Ghent. The students have now begun a series of activities leading up to the final banquet. Each student has chosen a character based on their research and what they have learned of life and society in Medieval … Continue reading Grade 6 students become medieval characters

ES students produce animated movies

Grade 3 and grade 5 students are proud to present their stop motion animation movies. For their Unit Of Inquiry on water, grade 3 students imagined a story that involved water and drew it as a story board. They made a diorama in a shoe box and created figures in plasticine. Based on their story board, they produced a stop motion animation movie. Grade 5 students worked on Architecture and Cities. Each student has built their ideal house to add on to their class street which then became the set for their “Urban Stories” stop motion animation movies. Please see … Continue reading ES students produce animated movies

Students join “Choir Day” at BSB

The Elementary Choir and Elementary Orchestra students from grades 1 through 4 attended Choir Day at the British School of Brussels last Thursday. Students from international schools in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg attended as well. Each choir sang two songs and St. John’s students performed “Hitori” and “Sea Shanties” with instruments. Our student did a fantastic job singing and learning 2 group songs with the other choirs. Students enjoyed spending the day with other international musicians.  We are very proud of our Elementary Students! By Mrs. Knauf and Mrs. Rytel Continue reading Students join “Choir Day” at BSB

“Shadowing” day for fifth graders

The Grade 5 students have been shadowing Middle School classes this week in preparation for their move up to MS next year.  The students have had a pre-meeting with the MS guidance counselor, which gave them a chance to get answers to their questions about Middle School and how it differs from Elementary.  They are understandably nervous about the transition from being the most senior group in ES to becoming the youngest group in MS. A lot of the questions center around the day to day routine, with queries about how lunch works and excitement about having their own locker. … Continue reading “Shadowing” day for fifth graders

The Ultimate Summer Reading List

The end of the school year is fast approaching with the promise of new summer adventures. Now is the perfect time to come along to the MHS Library and check out the ‘ultimate summer reading list’ display. Whether you are a fan of romance or science fiction, mysteries or the classics, we have books to suit your reading tastes. Drop by and pick up a summer reading checklist bookmark, and choose the books to take with you on your adventure. Remember: You don’t need to go far, you just need a good book. “Books are the train, the plane and … Continue reading The Ultimate Summer Reading List

Preparing for the transition into Middle School

Nurse Caroline is busy all this week with the grade 5 students. “I’ll be visiting the 3 classrooms each on 3 separate occasions, prior to them moving up to Middle School with all that entails. We are learning all about growing up, with all the excitement and changes that brings. This is also an opportunity to have a two-way conversation with me, and teachers are definitely not allowed! By Nurse Caroline p.s. The buzz word for the week is “Drink plenty of water in this heat!” Continue reading Preparing for the transition into Middle School

Grade 6 prepares for Medieval Week

Grade 6 are busy in the M/HS library researching for Medieval week which will take place from the 13th June. They are finding information to create a medieval character with a life story, family, profession or station, their style of clothes, etc. and will dress as their character during the week. Activities will include shield making, designing for the great hall and creating food for the banquet, medieval games and much more. The library team have been assisting the students with finding resources and have created displays to illustrate fashion of the times, and also  used the illuminated letters created … Continue reading Grade 6 prepares for Medieval Week

Grade 2 visits PASS-Scientific Adventure Park

Our second grade classes enjoyed a day of learning at the PASS science museum. Here are some of the highlights as written by the children: “We saw a movie about miners. This job is really dangerous and hard.” Alexandre “I found out that long ago, the museum was a coal mine…Sometimes the mines would collapse and sometimes there was gas that could explode or suffocate the miner.” Ryan S. “The adventure park was really fun. You had to trust your friends.” Victoria “In the park, we climbed…we helped each other.” Estelle “The acro-bat park was so fun. I even went … Continue reading Grade 2 visits PASS-Scientific Adventure Park

Kindergarten investigates Earth’s natural cycles

Kindergarten have been finishing their yearlong Unit of Inquiry in which they investigated how Earth’s natural cycles affect our lives. As part of the summative assessment, they have made some beautiful gifts for Father’s Day in clay that show how the trees in the garden changed throughout the seasons. They also presented their learning in posters and booklets and could explain their ideas. Yuna and Viktoria explain their poster and booklet: Continue reading Kindergarten investigates Earth’s natural cycles