Middle Schoolers Making the Rules!

Our school does not just impart bookish knowledge. It also helps our students learn life skills that will guide them through life. Our incredible teachers are constantly spearheading ingenious ideas and activities that not only engage the students, but at the same time help them understand and be a part of the bigger picture, while honing leadership skills and purpose. To this effect, the Middle School organizes an exciting activity! Every second week during the school year, the Middle School organizes an assembly for its  students. During this time the students work in multiple smaller advisory groups. They are then … Continue reading Middle Schoolers Making the Rules!

First impressions

It has only been a couple of days since I began working at St. John’s, but I have already determined a few critical attributes regarding affairs ranging from the people, to the smell, and the technology. What I have observed is that you will never find a solemn, ‘strictly business’ face here at St. John’s. During the new staff orientation, when we were introduced to the school and its processes, most importance was given to getting to know one another and striking a rapport. Every person you walk by on this striking campus will greet you! While this might be … Continue reading First impressions

Welcome to our new teachers and staff!

We are excited to welcome and introduce to you our new teachers and staff members who started today: From left to right: Christine, Haley, Pascale, Kathleen, Julia, Betsy, Molly, Christiane, Sarah, Allie, Linus. Not pictured: Indira, Kinga and Karen. Kathleen van Crombrugge –  EAL in the Middle and High School: I am a Belgian national (Flemish) who is also proudly South African. I have over 25 years of teaching experience, and a number of years as a TEFL facilitator in the corporate world and privately. Indira Khara – Community Engagement Coordinator: I was born in Antwerp and moved to India a few years … Continue reading Welcome to our new teachers and staff!