Fourth graders visit Cinquantenaire Museum

img_3481Last week, our fourth graders went on a fun field trip! They visited the museum of Art and History at the Cinquantenaire Museum in Brussels. Here they learnt that art and history are not dusty subjects, as some may believe! In fact, through the different tours that they went on, they began to appreciate the exquisite works that are displayed in the museum, which is one of Belgium’s largest.

The intent of the visit was primarily to introduce the students to the fourth Unit of Inquiry on Ancient Civilizations. The discussion was regarding the impact that this “Ancient Civilization” has on the present world. The students spent all morning on Ancient Egypt where there was much to discover and appreciate. Since St. John’s is a proud bilingual international school, that has an enviable Dual Language Program (DLP), the students broke up into 3 different guided tour groups that were instructed in English and French.

By their own admission, the teachers were impressed by the amount of knowledge some of the students already had on the subject. We believe the visit was inspirational and educational, while also providing enjoyment to our inquisitive 4th graders!