What it Takes to Win the CAS Inspiration Award

annai_02.jpgThe Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) Project Exhibition was held before the break to honor the groups that had gone the extra mile and done wonderful work to fulfill the goal of their respective organizations. One of these was the group that won the Inspiration Award- the Annai Erica group that works with charities and orphanages in India. The student led group raises funds and finds sponsorships for the education of the orphans, while also helping out with basic living needs such as clothes, food and so on.

We spoke to the leaders of this group to understand their central idea and methods implemented to achieve success. While bake sales are a classic way to generate funds, this organization wanted to find other ways to gather the dough (yes, that was a pun). So, they came up with the idea of candy cane dedications, where friends can buy each other the candy and have it handed out in class! They also hosted a widely successful movie night for the Elementary School. The organization even follows up with previous donors to share thank you notes and letters they may have received from those they have helped, so that sponsors can see the effect their kind donations have had.

We are so proud of the Annai Erica group along with the several other St. John’s student-led groups that roll up their sleeves when faced with the extra effort it takes to help make the world a better place for everyone!