Einstein and Amelia Earhart Attend a Tea Party at St. John’s

Can you imagine Einstein, Rihanna and Anne Frank breaking bread together? How do you think the conversation would go if Beyonce, Lady Diana Spencer and Amelia Earhart were attending the same event? Well, today we got to experience this first hand, when the sixth graders of St. John’s impersonated the above mentioned famous people, and many more!

The characters had a wonderful tea party in our library. For the past couple of weeks, the students have been researching the honored characters, the lot of which were carefully selected for them. The students individually picked out the character that they wanted to represent. They analyzed the characters with the help of the biographies that are part of the extensive collection at St. John’s library. The students were impeccably dressed as the historical figure they chose, and spoke like them too. They remained in character while having conversations with one another, which resulted in rather fun chats between characters like Beckham and Tiger Woods! This activity is part of a larger assessment process. There are two more parts to this. Watch this space for more!