MHS Library Welcomes Grade 5 Students

5.jpgOn Monday morning, Mrs. Richardson and Mrs. Ebbs welcomed Grade 5 students to the Middle/High School Library. The aim of this explanatory visit was to introduce these students to the workings of the library.

The idea was to make the students feel absolutely comfortable navigating through all the books. Students had prepared for the visit with Ms. Rutland and arrived ready to search the non-fiction sections to see if there were any books which may interest them. The students were completely engrossed as they searched for their treasures. This short introduction was to make sure that when the students visit later in the school year, they don’t feel overwhelmed and are effortlessly able to commence a search to borrow books for their PYP Project. 5b

Students also explored the fiction section with great enthusiasm, noting the differences and similarities between the ES and the MHS Libraries. Many students were delighted to find books by their favourite authors on the shelves. The MHS Library has some new readers on the block!