High School Students to Attend ISTA Festival


This week, a group of St. John’s High School students will travel to Prague to take part in the annual International School Theatre Association (ISTA) festival. ISTA is an international arts organisation that has created a community of young people, teachers and artists in international schools is a Global Patron member of this organization.

Every year the event is managed by a school in a different location. Last year, St. John’s hosted students from international schools in various countries. This year, Prague International School will be doing the same. The theme of the upcoming event is From Velvet Underground to Velvet Revolution. As the organization has noted, the city of Prague is known for its underground life, both literally and artistically. The students will be spending three intense days creating a piece of theatre they will then perform. It is a hands-on experience that 20 St. John’s students will be able to experience. In the past, students have identified that one of the most enthralling components of this experience is creating art with students that they do not know, that are attending from all over the world!

St. John’s Elementary and Middle School students will be attending ISTA festivals in Portugal and UK, respectively, this March.