Grade 2 Students Learn the Art of Illustration

Our Grade 2 students love reading books! Seeing this, we decided it would be fun to show them how these books are actually made. For this, we got in touch with Françoise Rogier. Françoise is a children’s book writer and illustrator. She paid St. John’s a visit earlier this week. She met with the students to present her books and explain what her profession involves. Students were fascinated to learn about the process of making a book. They oohed and aahed when Françoise demonstrated the use of the scratch card technique!

The students are currently working on their Poetry Illustration project where they are making their own scratch cards and experimenting with different kinds of scratch art, so this style had already piqued their interest. Over the next few sessions, Françoise will be guiding the students and helping them illustrate a poetry they have written in class. Students will then assemble their poetry and drawings to make their very own books!

What a great way to combine art and literature for the Unit of Inquiry on Poetry!