From St. John’s Librarian to Audio Book Narrator

lisa.jpgWednesday is assembly day at St. John’s Elementary School and last week the children had a very special treat as Mrs. Lisa Hicks, our former Assistant Librarian, was our guest speaker.  After leaving St. John’s, Mrs. Hicks was unsure of her future, she knew she had two loves books, in particular audio books, and drama.  Mrs. Hicks also has a very special talent of being a super storyteller.

Elora v1fairy.jpgThankfully her love and talent came together and after thorough research and investment  in the tools of the trade, Mrs. Hicks can now proudly say she has narrated 5 audio books and is working on her sixth.  Two of the books are for children, Elora, The One-Winged Fairy and The Hairy Legged Mystery and three are for adults and all are available for purchase from iTunes, or

51txh1wtbsl-_sy346_The children were in silent awe as Mrs. Hicks explained how narrating a book for commercial purchases is a bit more complicated than simply reading a book and recording into a voice recorder.  To know more about Mrs. Hicks as a voice actor, please go to her website

Mrs. Hicks appreciates your support for her endeavour.   She remains one of our all-time favourite storytellers and we wish her much success!