First Grade travels back in Time

dlp-classOur First Graders took a trip back in time during their Unit titled Where We Are in Place and Time. The students and teachers had a wonderful time dressing up as people from the early 1900’s. The classroom and lesson were organized to closely reflect that period, as well!

In this Unit, the children took a field trip to a toy museum, read books, watched videos, and handled artefacts. They focused on the changes around toys, home, transportation, and school, over the past century. The chance to experience an old-fashioned school day allowed the students’ learning to come alive and the opportunity to go further into the inquiry helped them to consolidate their understanding of how lifestyles have changed over time. In the morning, the students were excited to be welcomed by the disguised teachers. The teachers made sure that wood had been brought for the stove, and students were revved up for fun learning! The modern group seating of the classroom had disappeared and the children were seated in rows with boys on one side and girls on the other, just like the olden days!

The day proceeded with the students continuing their lessons on reading, writing and arithmetic, while using slates with chalk. Children that “misbehaved” had the opportunity to experience punishments from the past- wearing the dunce hat! It was a fun day the little ones were quite happy to return to the present the next day.