Students Impress with Extended Essay Presentations

img_1722Recently, at the Extended Essay Celebration, our 12th graders had us in awe of their presentations. The students have put in about 40 hours of work on topics such as history, economics, philosophy, English, sciences, business and so on. The topics were chosen by the students themselves based on their interest. The students were encouraged to discuss topics that they felt passionate about and would enjoy researching.

Parents and faculty, along with other students, attended the Celebration. Each student presented a basic slide that illustrated the crucial points from their research. Then, they presented for exactly 90 seconds. The topics were varied and thought provoking. Students discussed Tesla’s expansion into China, the charging of plastic bags in London, the effect of drinks on teeth, the invasion of Cyprus, the philosophy of technology and whether man has become a tool of his tool, the Mozart effect, and many more exciting topics! The evening continued with individual and group discussions on these topics while enjoying refreshments.