St. John’s alumnae stars in college volleyball


We checked in with Caite Canfield, St. John’s class of 2015, to see how she has taken her love of sports to a whole new level at Skidmore College.

1. What sports did you play at St. John’s? I was a student at St. John’s for my last two years of high school where I played Volleyball in the fall and Softball in the spring of both years.

2. What are you playing at college level? I am now attending a small, private, liberal arts school in upstate New York called Skidmore College, where I am playing volleyball at the NCAA Division III level. My freshman year was a surprise because although I had played French and Flemish clubs in Belgium outside of school my junior and senior year of high school, I thought that my skill level was nowhere near what it needed to be to play at a collegiate level in the US. To my surprise, my first training of the season went better than expected and only went up from there. I was nationally ranked in the ccleague throughout the whole season leading my team in kills, digs, and serving aces. And with a great end to the season I was awarded with the MVP award for my team as a college freshman. I have finished my second college season now where we are getting closer and closer to the championships each year. Hopefully building up to a win my senior year!

St. John’s taught me to smile and laugh and enjoy the game no matter what the score. To help build people up in every way and always cheer them on.

Any special memories from your time at St. John’s? One of my most cherished memories from St. John’s comes from my senior year volleyball ISSTs. We were a team with a wide range of skill levels, from all over the world, compiled of all different ages. At the end of our last game of my senior volleyball season, we were playing for third place and lost. But that loss didn’t feel like anything I’ve ever felt before. We were up against a team significantly better than us. But we were the underdogs who actually had a shot at winning. Every other team in the conference was in the gym watching us and cheering us on wanting us to fight it out! It was close. And at the end, not only did the crowd stand, but they wrapped around 12189749_529957077179987_4692348579755596342_n.jpgour court 4 or 5 deep and went around 3 of the 4 sides of the court. It felt like we had won it all. Giving them high fives and hearing them congratulate us despite our loss was something that has stuck with me for a while now and something that I have never even heard of in my lifetime. To top it all off, looking at my mom in the crowd when it was all over was indescribable. My mom was there cheering me on just as she always had for my entire life. I am proud of my achievements at St. John’s but more importantly, I am proud of how St. John’s brought out the best in me. I know it is there to stay!

I am proud of my achievements at St. John’s but more importantly, I am proud of how St. John’s brought out the best in me.