Grade 2 hosts “Poetry Cafe”

DSCN6622.JPGYesterday, Grade 2 had several exciting visitors! Parents of the students came by in large numbers to attend the second Annual Poetry Café. The stage was set with some delicious refreshments to enjoy while listening to the students’ self-created poetry.

The morning started with our young grade two poets introducing themselves through the poet biography page. Next, each section performed their class poems for the audience, who thrilled the students with their engagement, laughter, and applause! The students returned to their seats where each one of them had set up a small exhibition to show the guests the poetry and artwork that they had worked on for the event. The students had little comment books where guests penned their own positive remarks on the students hard work. The parents discussed the poetry with the student and mingled with one another.

The students had a wonderful morning interacting with their guests and explaining their work to them. We are very glad to be able to highlight our student learning through innovative approaches like this one!