Professional dancer prepares students for showcase

The annual Dance Showcase on March 14 is just around the corner! Students have been preparing for the event that focuses on collaboration and talent. This week, we had a guest teacher, Raphaël Ngom, come in to work with the students. Raphaël is a former professional classical ballet dancer from The Royal Ballet of Flanders.

Four students from our Grade 10 Dance class were chosen to perform a choreography organized by Raphaël. The goal was to have these students learn to work in partnership under the guidance of a famed dancer. The class started with numerous practice sessions to revise the fundamental steps. The students practised the steps for over 2 hours and were able to pick up the moves suggested by Raphaël. In the next class, they will be rehearsing the actual choreography in the sequence that it will be performed.

The final performance is going to be an Argentinian Tango mixed with contemporary moves. The students will be partnered into two couples for the final performance. We cannot wait to see the dance performed at the Dance Showcase!