Grade 5 hosts ‘Inspiration Week’

20170213_142703This week has been a motivating one for our 5th Grade students. This week was dubbed, the “Inspiration Week.” During this time, the students were exposed to several stimulating stories that were specially selected to teach them important life lessons. Several guest speakers from our close knit community, agreed to be a part of this innovative event, to give the students an overview on the treasure of their experiences.

The exhibition was a combination of video talks, Skype guests and live guest speakers. Subjects of discussions included topics on refugees, the power of resilience, importance of making “me” a priority, motivating your employees, and many more. The stress was on taking action, however small or big it may be. The speakers were requested to share at least a 5 minute anecdote about a situation they were in, where they had to make the decision to take action to make a change happen. The range of action could be very broad, but the central idea was to drive the students to take the step instead of being reluctant or afraid to do so.

The conversant guest speakers focused on how they got involved in their field, how and why they started making a difference, and most importantly, how they were able to begin the process of what needed to be done. They also discussed the issues they are working with while the focus remained on the development, and the decision to do something about something!