St. John’s example for education in Cyprus

img_7429Before the break, a team from the Ministry of Education of Cyprus visited St. John’s to study our Dual Language Program (DLP). Their purpose in coming to Belgium was to work with language specialist Professor Piet Van De Craen. Having visited St. John’s before, Prof. Van De Craen had spent time examining and analysing our program and thought it would be the perfect example to display to the Cyprus delegates.

The main aim for the delegates was to find a way to enhance the dual language instruction in the educational system in Cyprus. To ensure they get a 360-degree view of our DLP, the delegates were first given an overview of our program with the help of a presentation. Next, they got a more in-depth and hands-on experience. They visited classes and were accompanied by St. John’s guides who assisted them through every step.

At the end of their visit, the delegates from Cyprus gave St. John’s their feedback. They were impressed by the motivation and enthusiasm, love for learning, and care that they witnessed in their short visit. The consensus was that this was a successful visit with lots of notes to carry back to Cyprus.