Student account of “Cycles” art exhibition

3.jpgThe name of this exhibition is very diverse as it incorporates different meanings of the word. One can interpret it as the action of re-using materials to create an art piece, through recycling. Another could see the cycle of patterns used throughout the various art pieces displayed in the art studio, especially the pattern incorporating triangles. Eric Saline and Ea Ten Kate have decided to work collaboratively on this exhibition, and therefore came up together with the coherent theme of triangles.

Along with this exhibition, various art students, ranging from elementary to high school students, contributed to the making of this exhibition, allowing it to be inclusive. The viewers may have noticed that the large cardboard triangles have similar traits, yet are all so different. This is because of an exercise the artists did with the students, where chance was involved. In this exercise, the students rolled a dice to see what they were asked to do. So for example, the first roll was to paint 2 waves in different colors. This exercise allows the viewers to understand how people interpret directions differently.

This exhibition was a success, many people from all ages, came to visit and appreciate the artwork. The chandelier located in the circular room of the art gallery was very impressive, especially with the shadows it created against the white walls. The exhibition in the PAC foyer was continuing the theme of cycles, with all the repetitive patterns cut out into the drapes. This was very interesting to look at, especially with the large scroll that draped over the banister.

Overall, this exhibition allowed the students to be incorporated into the artwork displayed, allowing them to play with the idea of chance, as well as create patterns of their own. This element of inclusion was definitely one of the main reasons why the exhibition was a success.

By Alexandra and Lara, 11th grade IB Visual Arts Class