Grade 5 student tells about “Inspiration Week”

Mrs. Nicole Amole  Szegvari  Lili  (11307).JPGGrade 5 has been very lucky during the week before the break for they got to enjoy ‘Inspiration Week’. Grade 5 is now in the process of finding a topic for their PYP Exhibition. PYP Exhibition is a very big project which will improve the strategy of 5th graders so they can start Middle school with a whole new set of useful skills. PYP is going to focus on changing the world, the students will be asked to form a team in which they will work together to create presentations, find research and in the end set up a booth. They will choose some kind of great problem in their world and they will do their best to eliminate that problem.

An email was sent out asking for people who could share an experience they had changing 20170213_142703the world. The people who replied have been fitted into the schedule and gave a presentation to all of 5th grade. They gave 5th grade some very helpful ideas and they encouraged them to change the world. We met a man who has been helping refugees coming to Belgium, they have met someone who works with the Giraffe Project and they also met a French speaking couple who have been giving free food to people who couldn’t afford it, they have had at least 3 presenters everyday. Even the parents of some 5th graders were there to support them. They enjoyed it greatly and they are ready to start their project!

By Lili, grade 5 student