HS Students Learn about Alternative Careers

careerOn Tuesday evening, our High School students attended Career Nights, an in-house event that was spearheaded by the student-led National Honor Society (NHS). This special event focused on “alternative careers.” The aim of this event was to show students the range of different careers that exist. In the real world, not everyone is a Doctor, Engineer, Architect, Teacher and so on. The event shed light on the various options that students have.

To plan the talk, the student organizers sent e-mails out to parents, many of who IMG_20170228_172946905.jpgresponded enthusiastically and agreed to share their experiences. There were 14 speakers in total, who each gave a 10-minute presentation on the meandering of their careers. Many had degrees in a certain subject but were now accomplishing great feats in a different position. The students were allowed to ask questions and involved themselves in the conversation. High School students were targeted, specifically those in the 10th and 11th grade who are currently figuring out their long term goals.

The students were given an extraordinary insight of the various opportunities they can have through the real-life stories that were shared. We are certain this will encourage them when they are making their choices!