Developing leadership skills in Middle School

img_1292The Middle School Student Council (MSSC) has fast become the talk of the St. John’s hallways! The structure of the council has allowed some of the students to thrive in leadership positions and taught them what it means to be good in power. The students are chosen based on appointment or election within the advisory, that consists of about 15 representatives from grades 6, 7 and 8. Initially, the students had to be coaxed into becoming a part of the Student Council, however over time and seeing how helpful it is, they have now begun to volunteer themselves!

The positions include key chairperson, directors, secretary and many more. The students are allowed reassignment if they deem it necessary. With the help of their advisors, the MSSC organizes the MS assembly that takes place every two weeks. The research and publications committee is providing a bimonthly newsletter so everyone can be aware of the amazing happenings in the Middle School. The students are also involved in fundraising and hold successful events such as Candygrams and garage sales, to achieve this. The advisors have been very impressed by the students because they use rational and logic just like adults would, in the meetings. The leaders ensure that they talk to their classmates and get an understanding of what the consensus is. They work hard to make sure that every voice is heard, and spend time encouraging other students to participate. They understand risk and assessment and are assertive in their rights as students!

The Middle School is producing the next great leaders by creating opportunities for them through the Middle School Student Council!