Elementary School Assembly Focuses on Patterns

The Elementary School had a fun and informative Assembly last week. The students have been studying patterns in their Unit of Inquiry. Hence, the central theme of the assembly was Patterns.  In every subject, the students are being taught to recognize patterns. In Math, PE, Art and so on, the students are identifying the various patterns and making them as well!

All the Elementary School students got together in the auditorium to watch the other grades present their learnings from this Unit of Inquiry, and to demonstrate their own knowledge on the topic, as well. When one class recited a poetry that the others were familiar with, the whole auditorium joined in and recited it together! The students applauded each other’s efforts. These assemblies are also a great introduction to public speaking for the students. They get more comfortable with this as they know they are in a safe space with known faces around them! The students have not only learnt how to recognize, describe and make patterns themselves, they have also determined how to construct patterns in different subjects!