St. John’s dance team impresses in London

The St. John’s dance team competed in its first competition last weekend, in London. On Friday 3 March, they learned a new choreography from coach Damien, the dance coach for the American School in London (ASL). For this choreography, they had 2 hours 30 minutes and collaborated together with the dance students from ASL and the American School from Israel. On Saturday 4 March, they performed this dance together:

The dance showcase was over one hour and our STJ Dance team performed 3 routines and the choreography they learned from coach Damien. There was a large audience, very enthusiastic and encouraging all the dancers. After the performance, the girls felt relieved and were very happy. They all seem to have had an amazing time and are all looking forward to do this more often.

We made a short visit to Covent Garden together with coach Damien and then we went back home, very tired but still excited at the same time.

By Lavinia Glaser, St. John’s dance teacher