St. John’s wins prestigious ECB competition

444We are ecstatic to announce that the St. John’s senior economics team, made up of grade 12 students Akari, Casper, Brendan, Justin and Nicolas, has won the prestigious European Central Bank (ECB) Generation Euro competition!

St. John’s has an excellent reputation in this competition, having won the event in 2013, finished 2nd in 2012 and 3rd in 2015.

The team, under the guidance of High School Economics teacher Mrs. D’Agostino, passed the first round as one of only 20 international/European schools from logo-generation-euro-encountries around Europe, out of more than 150 participating. The second round task for each team was to find a creative way to explain what they expect the ECB governing council will do to interest rates on March 9.

In the final, the five teams, from Spain, Greece, Slovenia and France, each had a 20-minute presentation with a jury of ECB experts and needed to predict and justify the governing council’s decision-making, followed by question and answer session with the panel. The jury then declared St. John’s as the winning team.

Many congratulations to the senior economics team and to Mrs. D’Agostino on this extraordinary success!