Grade 9 Science Experiments with Hooke’s Law

IMG_7473.JPGGrade 9 is spending time experimenting in their lab. Dressed in their pristine white lab coats, the students were ready to test out Hooke’s Law for themselves. The teachers find that rather than just explaining a law, having the students carry out the experiment for themselves, allows the material to be understood far better.

Hooke’s Law states that the strain in a solid is proportional to the applied stress within the elastic limit of that solid. To demonstrate this, the students were given different objects such as weights, a thin elastic band, a thick elastic band, a measuring scale, a spring and so on. They worked in pairs, because as we all know, two sets of eyes are better than one! The students first measured the rubber bands at rest, without the weights attached to them. Next, they attached the weights and recorded the stretch cause by the load. They compared notes with one another and carried out the experiment on the different bands/springs that they were given.

They then computed the force applied to be able to prove Hooke’s Law.