Grade 7 Learns about Seder

Earlier this week, our grade 7 students had an important cultural experience in their Religious Studies class. They learnt in detail about the Jewish celebration named Seder. The instructors had first-hand experience of this celebration and were able to explain it to the students in a fun and engaging manner!

The boys wore kippahs, the traditional Jewish brimless cap made of cloth. The students learned about the origins and the traditional Seder feast that is eaten to celebrate the onset of the Jewish holiday of Passover. They discussed how this holiday is celebrated around the world and that it is one of the most commonly celebrated Jewish rituals. They even watched videos of other young children celebrating Seder. The story of the liberation of the Israelites is retold during this observance. The Passover plate consists of six items that are arranged on the plate and hold special significance. Each food item that is placed on the dish has a history behind it. The students saw this first hand and drank juice instead of the typical wine.IMG_7776