Teaching students about the dangers of drugs

IMG_20170321_114204616.jpgAs part of our health education program and commitment to prevention and wellness, we invited the organization Freedom from Chemical Dependy (FCD) Prevention Works to visit our community. A part of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, FCD is a non-profit organization that provides substance abuse prevention education for schools world wide.

The FCD speaker addressed the students at St. John’s from 5th grade onwards this week,  with a particular focus on grades 8, 9 and 10, as well as teachers and parents.

During their visit, FCD prevention specialists :

  • Promoted awareness of addiction, including alcoholism, as a progressive, chronic, and often fatal disease
  • Empowered young people to make healthy, responsible choices regarding alcohol and other  drug use
  • Educated students, parents, teachers, and school administrators on the physiological and psychological effects of alcohol and other drugs
  • Taught students and adults to recognize the early  warning signs of substance abuse and to intervene appropriately
  • Encouraged and supported the non-use of alcohol and other illegal or illicit drugs during the growing years.
  • Provided our community with the guidance and training necessary to implement comprehensive, effective approaches to substance abuse prevention

FCD prevention specialists are highly trained professionals who have achieved long-term recovery from alcohol or other drug addictions. This unique perspective enhances the credibility of their message and provides students with role models for happy, healthy, drug-free living.