Grade 2 raises money for cancer research by reading

Our Second Graders are facing a challenge this Friday, March 31. To raise money for cancer research, they have been asked to read for two whole hours! In order to make it a great day, grade 2 students (and teachers) will come to school in their pajamas on Friday. They will read-to-self, buddy read, read on RAZ Kids and listen to a Read-A-Loud. Other teachers will come in to read their favorite books to the students as well.

This is one of the many creative actions by Elementary School students aimed at raising enough money to send kids with cancer to camp. The entire Elementary School will also participate in Relay Recess in May, a child version of Relay for Life, in which they walk/run laps and get sponsored for each lap. St. John’s was the first school to do a Relay Recess last year, with great success!

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