Donate hair to help people fighting cancer

KummerI am Camille, a student in grade 10, and I have been growing my hair for about eight months now to give it to a charity (Think Pink – Coupe d’éclat) that then sells it to a wig maker that turns it into wigs for the people fighting cancer. With the money collected, they offer people affected by cancer who struggle financially 200 Euro to pay for a wig.

The way they need it is in one or more ponytails, at least 20 cm long each, and 6 to 10 ponytails are needed to make one wig. I would like more more students from the school to be involved as it would be quite a powerful act, given our engagement for the people fighting cancer through the hosting of Relay Recess and Relay for Life.

It also would show people how they can help in other ways than fundraising, and especially since it is “only” hair, it grows back, and those people need it more than we do (around 8% of the women that have cancer refuse the treatment in fear of losing their hair, and 60% of affected women consider losing their hair is the most painful and hard aspect of their disease/treatment).

There are three options as to how to cut the hair: either at home, at your regular hairdresser (you would need to explain how to cut it though), or for free in one of the hairdressers that participate in the operation. Those hairdressers will not only cut your ponytails for free, but they will also style it afterwards so that it is even and looks like you want it to.

I hope many people will support me in this rewarding project. Please contact me if you would like to participate.