Join Relay for Life at St. John’s on June 17-18

Relay for Life A6 PostersFor the sixth consecutive year, Relay for Life for the International Community will take place at St. John’s on June 17-18.  Relay For Life is a festive event for all ages that focuses on solidarity and fund-raising for the fight against cancer. Over 24 hours, teams:

– Celebrate and pay tribute to people that have conquered cancer, and support those that are still fighting the disease;

– Remember people that have lost their fight against cancer and support those still fighting the disease;

– Stand united in the fight against cancer.

Sponsored teams relay for 24 hours, from 14:00 on Saturday until 14:00 on Sunday. At least one member of the team should be on the track at all times. The 24 hours are a symbol of the constant battle patients and their families  must endure in the fight against the disease.

If you are interested in participating by walking for an hour or more on the track, you are very welcome to join team St. John’s:  For more information on Relay for Life for the International Community, please go to