Grade 9 students explore local alternatives to globalisation

20170217060156.jpgOn Thursday, Grade 9 students gathered on C-level for the final round of the Demain project presentations. Following the geography unit on globalisation, students watched the documentary ‘Demain’, in order to see how local initiatives in the areas of energy, education, democracy, agriculture, and the economy can provides alternatives to globalisation.  In small groups, their task was then to research an idea in one of these areas to improve St. John’s in a concrete way.

The final projects, chosen by the students to represent their class, brought forward many great initiatives, from the installation of LED lights in the High School to the introduction of a block schedule to the design of St. John’s ecological water bottles and of an educational garden, for instance.  Several of the projects will now be implemented in school.

By Ewan MacDonald and Anne Froidcoeur, Grade 9 Social Studies teachers