Come see the IB Summer Show on June 21

Summer Show pic.pngThe IB Summer Show is the 11th grade IB HL/SL visual arts student’s first major exhibition in the Greene Gallery featuring a selection of their most recent finished work which stays up over the summer for visitors to see. The Summer Show also forms an authentic and integral part of their end of year diagnostic internal assessment with scheduled exam interviews to go over the ‘comparative study’ and ‘process portfolio’ in their art journal and e-portfolios.

The opening on Wednesday 21 June from 16:00-18:00 is when staff, parents and students are invited to talk with the students about their work, share ‘afternoon tea’ with live music, food and refreshments, celebrate the work of the visual art students and engage with them in a meaningful and constructive critical dialogue to help them grow and develop their ideas towards their Winter Show (mock exam) in December 2017 and final external IB exam and exhibition in March/April 2018.

There are a wide variety of personal themes and relevant concerns evident in their work already and a broad range of media and techniques including, drawing, painting, architectural model making, photography, fashion and digital design, etc. Students are engaged in a critical inquiry into the nature of identity in a changing world in both contemporary and historical contexts and are not afraid to ask existential and philosophical questions through the visual, tactile and spatial language of embodied forms.

Each year, several students use IB visual art within the IB Diploma Programme and St. John’s curriculum to build their portfolios and applications to excellent colleges and universities around the world and launch exciting creative careers and for others it reinforces and enriches a life-long interest in the visual arts.

Come and support them on their way before the summer break !