Grade 4 students showcase their creativity


St. John’s grade 4 students participated in a “Creative Battle” during the art assembly last Wednesday and amazed everyone with their inventions. Two teams were competing for the most creative and useful invention, based on a given creative challenge. The teams’ drawings and annotations were simultaneously filmed and projected on the theatre screen. The audience could follow each team’s creative process and the steps that were involved in creating their object. The challenges were 5 minutes long and based on 2 unrelated pictures or concepts that had to be mixed in order to create a new object.

Various challenges were disputed among 4 different teams of 3 students. One team created a “Soccer Dropper” by mixing a drone and a football. Another a “Planting Car” by mixing a tree with a car. Creative thinking and problem solving is part of the ES art curriculum and students are taught how to develop their creative skills during their art lessons. This “Creative Battle” was a rare opportunity to see the creative process live. Well done, grade 4!


by Mrs. Behaeghel, ES Art teacher