Seniors “mind map” their knowledge of religions

19030396_10154884742656747_1892487946893673082_n.jpgAs the senior school year comes to an end, each student is faced with a final task: the notorious religion essay. After a year of discussing the ontological proofs, miracles, and arguing the doubts and beliefs that come to mind while questioning faith, the task remains to find a topic of choice and write a 1500 word essay on it.

Students address this task by confronting situations ranging from the value of religion in 3-21-WritingTestmodern day, to the origins and purpose of religion in the past. With purpose to allow the students to express their thoughts while demonstrate the knowledge they gained over their years at St. John’s, the often dreaded but definitely worth it final essays are mind maps leading the reader into the deepest crevices of the students’ wondering mind.

For motivation and inspiration, the three best essays are awarded a prize (a gift card), presented to them at their senior breakfast by the judges: two religious studies students from the Catholic University of Leuven (or KUL). This year, the first prize was presented to Evan Dastin Van Rijn, the second prize to Marina Antanasiotis and the third to Adriana Samareanu.

Contributed by Adriana Samareanu, grade 12 student