Four quotes from “The Future of Education”

IMG_20170615_204511187.jpgLast week St. John’s, in partnership with the U.S. Embassy, ING, Microsoft and The Bulletin, organised “The Future of Education – how to prepare children for jobs that do not yet exist” – a discussion by Dr. Stephen Spurr, a veteran visionary educator and former Head of Westminster School in London.

The talk focused on the education needed to ensure students can invent their own jobs in the future as most of the jobs they will be taking do not exist today. It also highlighted some of the areas that are important and not often recognized by the younger generation which can hinder their progress. Here are 4 such examples in quotes:

“Google tells you everything but educators need to turn that information into knowledge.”
“The mental health and well-being of young people is at risk.”
“Schools need to build communities as students now have their virtual communities.”
“STEAM not STEM” – Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths is not enough, the Arts is be an essential element in education.” 

The Question and Answer session was lively and confirmed that education and preparing students for a very different professional world is an area of interest and concern for parents.

St. John’s aims to provide lifelong learning opportunities for people in the larger community. This academic year, the school has organized three well-attended events,  on Brexit (“The impact of Brexit on Belgium”), trade (“International Trade in a Changing World”) and this event on the future of education. St. John’s aims to continue the series of events next school year, with sessions in October, February and May.

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