Welcome to the MHS Library

Welcome to the MHS Library and Learning Commons.

We at the MHS Library and Learning Commons are very excited about the start of the new school year.  We invite you to come and check out our “Green and White” book display.  Yes, the theme was chosen to support our athletes at the beginning of the school year and yet… what a diverse range of books is on display ready to inspire our readers at the beginning of the school year!



As a community, we come from many different cultural backgrounds, bringing together “Voices from around the globe”. This is reflected in our poster display and expanded through the book selection, which was inspired by the TED-Ed Blog post: “The world’s required reading list: The books that students read in 28 countries.”

This selection, though not exhaustive provides a diverse perspective of cultures and ideas.  One comment on the blog sums it up:

“….interesting to know what’s being read around the world. My daughter and I have only read one of these books. That’s about to change.”  (J Patton)

Whenever friends come together, food and fun may be involved.  For these occasions as we greet each other after the summer break, we have mouthwatering recipes on display with both a summery and a Belgian flavour.

Do come and pay us a visit. We are available Monday-Thursday: 8:15-17:00 and Friday 8:15-16:00.

Teresa Ebbs and Margaret Richardson (MHS Library and Learning Commons Team)